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Web 3.0 & NYT (Part 2)

Posted on Tuesday, Oct 9th 2007

Vertical Strategy

The New York Times Company is operating in a number of key verticals (Jobs, Business & Finance, Health, Shopping, Real Estate, Autos, Technology / Gadgets, Travel, Entertainment, and Lifestyle) through its sites,,, etc. We will take a look at the Company’s various online verticals in this segment.

Vertical Search provides consumers with ranking, reviews and descriptions of various products and services, complete with links, analysis of who the experts are and what they say, listing of the top-rated products, according to the experts, and prices and links to retailers that offer the recommended products. It also acts as a search engine to find product reviews and information. In May 2007, was acquired by, and as a result, is now a part of NYT.

NYT has had exposure in the health space through but recently also acquired as online health has been growing rapidly. helps consumers find and compare quality and profiles of doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes throughout the U.S. The site also provides dynamic Web-based interactive tools to consumers to enable them to measure the quality of healthcare services available. has also launched, which will cover Medicine and Fitness, as well as consumer health issues. It will also include a blog by Times Health Columnist, Tara Parker-Pope. allows users to search for information for specific foods, browse food groups, and print nutrition labels. It also provides weight loss tools, nutritional information, and a vibrant and supportive community to help one lose or maintain weight, safely and effectively.

Both and are part of In June, About’s health channel, which is the number 2 commercial health site behind WebMD, experienced traffic growth of 60% and page views climbed 144%.

NYT has entered the online jobs space through a partnership with Monster. The Company provides job search services on through and on through

The Company also has a separate section for jobs on and it provides quality content on career related issues and has a job search engine powered by NYT holds a 14% stake in recently introduced Shifting Careers, a new blog dedicated to the ways in which people are reinventing their careers as entrepreneurs and independent business owners.

The Company is present in the online shopping space through, and The New York Times Store offers hundreds of products – from books to classic photographs, reprints of vintage news to posters. has a shopping search engine powered by

Travel covers the travel segment in detail and has entered into a partnership with Kayak for search facilities. The Company also has a travel section in its various newspaper sites. The NYT has a blog on travel, which has an interesting Q&A section. The T Magazine plans to launch a separate site targeted at the travel market later this year.

Entertainment has an Entertainment section that covers Music, Movies, Comedy, TV, Radio and the Celebrity world in detail. The Newspaper sites also cover entertainment. has introduced TV Decoder, a new blog covering the television industry. TV Decoder is a guide to what’s on, who’s watching and why it matters — it covers the day’s on-screen and behind-the-scenes developments.

Real Estate
The New York Times Company site has a separate section dedicated to real estate and consumers can search for property for rent or sale by zip code, city, etc. The site has interesting articles and covers the real estate space reasonably well. Other sites in the NYT portfolio like, also cover real estate. The New York Times recently introduced a property listings product for Mobile. Users can now receive and send property listings on their mobile devices, regardless of whether their property search began in print, online, or on The Times mobile real estate site.

Other Classifieds
The Company, through its various newspaper sites, is present in the classified categories like auto, real estate, personals, jobs, etc. We have discussed jobs and real estate separately. Personals and Auto, so far, have no additional initiative beyond the regular newspaper classifieds.

Mobile News / Search
The New York Times has introduced a mobile news services. It provides mobile users with the latest news on their mobiles phone by SMS alert. The mobile users just need to enter their mobile number on the Company’s site at

The various newspaper sites (,, etc.) and also covers Business and Finance, gadgets and technology, food and drink, lifestyle and fashion, parenting and sports. The Company plans to launch the online version of its Style Magazine, T Magazine online on December 02, 2007.

Gaps in The New York Times portfolio
The New York Times is present in almost all the important verticals through its newspaper sites and Other than Healthcare, where it is #2, and owns most of the key properties in play, the rest of its vertical strategy is based on partnerships and revenue sharing. In Jobs, it has partnered with Monster and taken a stake in Indeed. In Travel, it has partnered with Kayak.
It needs to beef up verticals like Business & Finance, Personals, Real Estate, and Movies.

(To Be Continued)

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