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Top 20 Serial Entrepreneur Interviews

Posted on Wednesday, Jul 30th 2008

In the recap mode, here’s a list of the top 20 serial entrepreneurs I have spoken with:

* Philippe Courtot – a very young 63-year old CEO of Qualys.
* Zack Rinat – CEO of ModelN; got together with colleagues to “work again on a venture”.
* Siva Kumar – CEO of TheFind; excellent segmentation analysis.
* Ken Rudin – Founder of Lucidera; excellent market penetration strategy.
* Venky Harinarayan – CEO of Kosmix; was a VC in between first and second ventures.
* Murli Thirumale – CEO of Ocarina; survived nuclear winter with previous company.
* Manoj Saxena – CEO of Webify (acquired by IBM).
* Peng Ong – CEO of Encentuate (acquired by IBM).
* Amir Ashkenazi – CEO of
* Anant Agarwal – Founder of Tilera; MIT professor.
* Rene Lacerte – CEO of; likes businesses catering to the very small business category.
* Taher El Gamal – Security guru.
* Edward Fields – CEO of Hotchalk.
* Gautam Godhwani – CEO of SimplyHired.
* Steve Hafner – CEO of Kayak.
* HP Michelet – CEO of ERI (Nasdaq: ERII); just went public.
* Ramu Yalamanchi – CEO, Hi5.
* Samir Arora – CEO, Glam Media.
* Francisco Martin – CEO, Strands; interesting views on personalization.
* Scott Wainner, CEO of Reseller Ratings; became an entrepreneur at 17.

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