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Huge IPO Pipeline in the Next 18 Months

Posted on Monday, Jul 9th 2012

We’re seeing a lot of companies in the $50 million-$150 million revenue range looking to go public in the next 18 months. Given how expensive it is to be a public company these days, it seems to me that once public, these companies would have a hard time with the regulatory costs. It would be better to wait a couple years and get to $200 million-$250 million in revenue before taking the leap into the public market. In some cases, we are seeing companies deciding against an IPO until later, which, in our view, is a better strategy.

Meanwhile, here is a list of companies we’ve covered recently that are waiting in the IPO wings:

  1. Workday: IPO or Acquisition by Salesforce?
  2. Trion World Goes From Zero to $100M in Nine Months
  3. Hulu Shies Away From Public Market
  4. ON24: Yet Another SaaS Company Eyeing an IPO
  5. BrainShark: IPO or Acquisition Target?
  6. HubSpot Aims for 2013 IPO
  7. AppSense Also in the IPO Pipeline
  8. Marin Software Readying an IPO
  9. CollabNet Eyeing IPO
  10. RingCentral Gearing for IPO
  11. Glam Media Prepares for IPO
Most of these companies have robust business models, especially the SaaS- or subscription-style businesses. Glam Media’s business model is display advertising, which is susceptible to ad rate fluctuations.
Nonetheless, in case you were feeling despondent about the Instagram type of over-hyped fluff deals, rest assured, real entrepreneurs are building real companies with sure hands.
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