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Vijay Nagarajan

Posted on Thursday, Feb 14th 2008

As an engineer at Atheros, Vijay works to bring state-of-the-art wireless systems to the consumer. Previously, he was with Denver-based TensorComm, a start-up providing advanced receiver solutions for CDMA/WCDMA networks. Vijay has over 15 published patent applications and multiple technical papers/articles in mobile receiver design. His active engineering experience, along with his penchant for market research/analysis, helps provide unique perspectives and insider insights about wireless industry trends which he jots down in his analyst blog. Vijay holds an M.S(EE) degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder and a B.S degree from the College of Engineering, Guindy, India. Vijay writes regularly at his blog, Wireless Industry Analyst.

  • Infineon: Valuation
  • Infineon: Future and Strategy
  • Infineon: Wireless Business
  • Infineon: Wireline Communications Business
  • Infineon: Industrial and Automotive business
  • Infineon: The Qimonda Challenge
  • Infineon: Financials
  • Infineon: Company Overview
  • ST Microelectronics: Valuation
  • ST Microelectronics: Wireless Business
  • ST Microelectronics: NXP JV
  • ST Microelectronics: Strategy
  • ST Microelectronics: Financials
  • ST Microelectronics: Overview
  • 3G iPhone and Qualcomm
  • Qualcomm: Valuation Revisited
  • Marvell: Valuation
  • Marvell: Mobile Strategy and Outlook
  • Marvell: Connectivity Solutions
  • Marvell: WLAN market
  • Marvell: Ethernet business
  • Marvell: Storage Market Leadership
  • Marvell: Fiscal 2008 financials
  • Marvell: “A product cycle company”
  • TI+InterDigital = 3G Consolidation?
  • TI Should Acquire Interdigital
  • Texas Instruments: Valuation
  • Texas Instruments: Wireless Business Outlook
  • Texas Instruments: Mobile Market Strategy
  • Texas Instruments: Wireless Woes
  • Texas Instruments: DSP Market and OMAP
  • Texas Instruments: Analog Market
  • Texas Instruments: 2007 Financials
  • Texas Instruments: Semiconductor Leadership
  • Broadcom: Valuation
  • Broadcom: Wireless Revenue
  • Broadcom: Time for Stellar Execution
  • Broadcom: Aggression in the Cell Phone Market
  • Broadcom: Wireless LAN
  • Broadcom: Bluetooth today and tomorrow
  • Broadcom: Broadband Communications Business
  • Broadcom: Enterprise Networking Business
  • Broadcom: Growth by acquisition
  • Broadcom: The Breadth and The Blur
  • Broadcom: Resilient Core
  • Interdigital: Valuation
  • Interdigital: Key Valuation Assumptions
  • Interdigital: Valuation Roadblocks
  • Interdigital: Qualcomm Can Acquire
  • Interdigital: A Qualcomm Acquisition Target?
  • Interdigital: The Apple deal
  • Interdigital: Inside the iPhone
  • Interdigital: The Infineon Alliance
  • Broadcom: Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Nokia and the Indian Handset Market: Raincheck
  • Nokia and the Indian Handset Market: Overview
  • Atheros and the u-Nav gambit
  • Mobile WiMAX - 4Ging the Future?
  • Fixed WiMAX - Last-mile broadband
  • Marvell: Intel Deal Intelligent?
  • Interdigital: A strategic shift
  • Interdigital: Visionary Beginning, Rocky Past
  • QualComm: More on Valuation
  • QualComm: Chasing More Silicon
  • QualComm: The effect on Valuation
  • QualComm: The Nokia War
  • QualComm: Digging Gold
  • QualComm: The 3G Goldmine
  • QualComm: The Margins
  • QualComm: The Aftermath
  • QualComm: Legal Battles Galore

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