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Stardoll for Little Girls: Mattias Miksche (Part 1)

Posted on Thursday, Feb 21st 2008

I covered Stardoll in the Deal Radar series. Here’s the story from CEO Mattias Miksche.

SM: Please describe your personal background : Family, upbringing, early career, etc. leading up to this venture.

MM: I have a multicultural background. Austrian dad, German mom – they came to Sweden during/following World War II. I was born & raised in Sweden, grew up speaking German at home, Swedish at the playground. I also spent a year as a high school exchange student in Halstead, Kansas (population 1,017), which was a huge culture shock but a great life experience. I am still very close with my ‘American’ extra family.

I did my Masters at the Stockholm School of Economics which included a semester at the Anderson School of Management at UCLA in 1994. That’s when I took a ‘new media’ class that really changed my life. Instead of going into investment banking, I followed my heart and instead joined maverick Scandinavian media company Modern Times Group in ’95.

I started to work in broadcasting but quickly fell in love with the Internet in 1995. We launched one of Sweden’s first websites,, and did some really fun stuff like launching a fake reality show online.

Three years later, I became one of the founders of E*TRADE Financial in Europe between 1998-2002, first as a stand-alone startup where we licensed the E*TRADE brand and technololgy, then in 1999 we were acquired and became a wholly owned subsidiary. I started out as head of product & bizdev, later becoming Managing Director for Sweden and then Germany.

I left E*TRADE in 2002 to start, a DVD-subscription rental service a la Netfix, which I merged with U.K-based Lovefilm in 2005 to form Europe’s leading DVD-rental and download company. I joined existing website in late 2005 and revamped it into Stardoll in 2006.

This segment is part 1 in the series : Stardoll for Little Girls: Mattias Miksche
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