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Catching Up on Readings: Bootstrap Yourself!

Posted on Saturday, Apr 26th 2008

Amidst the ocean of content that is coming at you, readers, I am sure you find yourselves overwhelmed. Here’s a recap of some articles from this site which you may have missed, but may be worth your time:

Convergence Device and the Component Eco-System:

* Forbes Column: The Coming Convergence
* Apple’s Dramatic Risks and Ambitions
* Convergence Device Chip Makers Battle
* Vijay Nagarajan’s Marvell Series, which provides the Valuation tomorrow
* Vijay’s Texas Instruments series, including Valuation

Other Earnings Analysis:

* Amazon Toying with Vertical Integration
* Yahoo Dithers On
* Microsoft Stretched in Multiple Directions
* Google Strong, But Microsoft Pays Attention to Verticals
* Where is Infosys’ Wave 3 Strategy?

On Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital:

* The Real VCs of Silicon Valley
* Fund Envy
* Bootstrap Yourself
* Open Letter to IIT Students
* Sudhakar Ram’s article on Wave 3 of Indian Outsourcing

On Deal Radar: 2008, we’ve had:

* Tutorvista
* SKS Microfinance
* oDesk
* eLance
* Slide
* Yelp

And on Trend Radar 2008, we’ve seen more of the Vertical AD Network Evolution with yet another funding round at a hefty valuation.

Finally, Entrepreneurs we have profiled are:

* Jeff Housenbold, CEO of Shutterfly [Online Photo]
* Edward Fields, CEO of Hotchalk [Education]
* Brian Behlendorf, CTO of Collab.Net [Open Source Collaboration]
* Beatrice Tarka, CEO of Mobissimo [Online Travel Search]
* Gautam Godhwani, CEO of SimplyHired [Online Job Search]

This segment is a part in the series : Catching Up on Readings

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