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Top 10 Web Entrepreneur Interviews

Posted on Saturday, Jul 19th 2008

I have done numerous interviews with entrepreneurs on this forum. Here’s a list of 10 Web entrepreneur interviews that I think have the most interesting strategy discussions on how each of them are building their companies:

* Steve Hafner, Kayak – Interesting roll-up strategy; uses generous capitalization as a way to fend off competition.
* Ramu Yalamanchi, Hi5 – Great at bootstrapping; did not take any venture money until the company was already a thriving, global brand with proven business model.
* Cree Lawson, Travel Ad Network – Also great at doing more with less; got to double-digit revenues before raising any serious money.
* Gautam Godhwani, Simply Hired – Serial entrepreneur with a long-term vision; great community service story which offers an intimate portrait of the human side of the man.
* Samir Arora, Glam Media – Big thinker; watch how he individually mentions team members and gives credit for their contributions.
* Beatrice Tarka, Mobissimo – Another smart bootstrapper; watch her efficient customer acquisition strategy.
* Jeff Housenbold, Shutterfly – An excellent discussion on segmentation and positioning.
* Lars Dalgaard, SuccessFactors – Whacko passion that flows through the guy; one of my favorite CEOs out there.
* Michael Gregoire, Taleo – Seasoned businessman; interesting contrast with Lars in the same space.
* Edward Fields, Hotchalk – Serial entrepreneur attempting to solve problems that are close to my heart; going after the Education sector with a prior success in PLM; unique approach, very creative.

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