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Kathy Hwang and Charles W. Bush

Posted on Thursday, Jul 24th 2008

Kathy Hwang works with clients to create strategies to deliver powerful brand experiences through her consultancy, 3Strand Innovation. She has a BS in mechanical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MS in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design. She gained expertise in analytical problem solving and manufacturing as an engineer at General Motors. She has worked with BMW DesignworksUSA as a research and strategy consultant for branding and experience design. Other projects include consulting with Nike and Walt Disney Imagineering.

Charles-W-Bush Charles W. Bush specializes in filling the space between business and design. He recently completed a collaborative degree program between INSEAD International Business School in Singapore and Art Center College of Design. He is currently in California focusing on strategic business innovation. Previous work includes envisioning future customer trends and opportunities for Whirlpool and NTT Docomo and running creativity workshops for INSEAD. Most recently, he has been consulting with India’s telecom giant Bharti Airtel to increase collaboration at executive levels through new uses of environment and software.

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