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Designs of the Week: Furniture

Posted on Sunday, Nov 9th 2008

1. Signalement desk

Just Apple-tastic! This desk was created by Dutch design group, Signalement. This is what we’d imagine Apple would make if they did furniture. The design is obviously sleek and simple, but it’s the details that really make this desk pop. They took the extra attention to make the leg height adjustable. It’s also a nice surprise that opening the drawer reveals a saturated yellow color that contrasts with the glossy white backdrop.

2. Haus 658

These playful home decor products draw upon the image of Edgerton’s famous strobe light photograph Milk Drop Coronet, which shows the fluid movement of a milk drop as it falls on a flat surface. While we’re not entirely sure we could get away with that end table in our homes, the orchid vase has great movement. Even the placement of the long, thin orchid stems play into the visual of vertical movement into the vase.

3. “Three Ripples” Coffee Table from

They say everything in the western world was symmetrical until Frank Lloyd Wright went to a World’s Fair and saw Japanese art. The Japanese have a term, “wabi-sabi”, that loosely translates to “the perfection of imperfection”. Products like the “Three Ripples” table show how subtle details placed in unexpected places can make a piece both simple and intriguing. Apparently you can even put soil into one of the “ripples” and plant your own tree.

4. Mrs. Hudson toilet

The introduction of new forms for utilitarian products can be a bit off-putting, but we love that Ukrainian architects 2-B-2 tried something different in an unusual place. They created a toilet with a unique style that would make anyone do a double-take and puzzle over it for a few minutes. For a location where all of us spend time, it’s about time we saw some new styles emerge for the bathroom. While the architects say that this form is based on a water drop, it looks a bit more like Sherlock Holmes’s pipe (on a side note, Holmes’s housekeeper was named Mrs. Hudson).

5. The Hang Chair

Marc Graells Ballve, a recent graduate from Havana, Cuba, created this chair to be able to hang a suit jacket on the back bar. This is one of the those items that is so obvious it makes us wonder why we didn’t think of it first. Definitely a simple and classic piece that would fit as well in your dining room as in the MOCA.

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really cute 🙂 just like my apple white macbook
i imagine my whole interior design would be like that

emon Sunday, November 9, 2008 at 2:05 PM PT

Quite Inspiring!!!

Pritam Sunday, November 9, 2008 at 9:58 PM PT


Saurabh Sunday, November 9, 2008 at 10:27 PM PT

Marc Ballve, I want one of your chairs. I’ve been to three restaurant in the last couple weeks each time thinking about your chair while I crumple my jacket next to me.

Charley Bush and Kathy Hwang Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 11:58 PM PT