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Forbes Column 2009: Green Jobs

Posted on Friday, Apr 17th 2009

Zero In focuses on where the green jobs really are, this week with The Best Way To Create ‘Green’ Jobs. The administration harps on the need for green jobs, without a good understanding of where the jobs actually are. I think, the people are getting misled as a result, expecting factories to crop up everywhere … it ain’t about to happen!

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President Obama seems like a hands off manager as was clear the way he handled his first stimulas package delegating it to the three stooges Harry, Bernie and Nancy. (I know that is mean).

Clearly President Obama lives in the clouds. Green jobs in any scale will take a long, long time to develop.

What we should be doing if not drilling off the coast at least start building necular reactors again. This will creat jobs and solve the energy problem while we develop the “green” power industry which realistically will take decades.

Jim Healy Friday, April 17, 2009 at 10:41 AM PT