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Jim DeBetta

Posted on Friday, Jun 5th 2009

Jim’s career in retail began at an early age with the family store, Edison and Kellogg, a fireplace and home hardware company. After graduating from college, Jim went home to help expand the business. For nearly 20 years, he has been a leading consumer products business advisor to inventors and start-ups alike. During that time, DeBetta has helped successfully launch multiple companies and sold millions of dollars of products for his clients.

As the founder of DeCavi Corp, Jim has helped hundreds of inventors and start-ups learn how to get their consumer products developed and sold to the likes of Target, Wal-Mart and many other retail outlets nationally. DeBetta recently merged his firm with the Slingshot Product Development Group, which employs a team of 35 engineers, designers, and marketing experts who help anyone from individual inventors to Fortune 500 firms. Jim is the founder of the Academy for Entrepreneurs, an online resource on all aspects of bringing products to market.

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