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Nalini Kumar Muppala

Posted on Saturday, Aug 15th 2009

nalin_face_webNalini is currently a staff member at Communication Systems Solutions and helps with embedded software development.

Nalini previously worked as a DSP Engineer in the audio division of Ingenient Technologies, Inc. (he originally worked for Imagine Technology LLC before it was acquired by Ingenient). Previously, Nalini was with Adaptive Digital Technologies, Inc.

He holds an MS in electrical engineering from Villanova University and a BS from the University of Madras, India.

For additional details, you can view Nalini’s LinkedIn profile here.

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    Hi Nalini,
    Thanks for this very informative article on MediaTek. I am a professor of urban studies at Bangalore’s National Institute of Advanced Studies and recently had the opportunity to visit the Foxconn factory of Terry Gou in Shenzen. I wanted to ask you if there was any connection between him, or his company, Hon Hai Precision, and Mediatek? Are they competitors or share any trading relationship.
    would very much appreciate your views on this. I am writing an essay on emerging urbanisms in East Asia and your description of Medai tex provides very good insights into the sort of disaggregated economies.

    Solomon B Sunday, February 21, 2010 at 3:10 AM PT

    Hi Solomon,

    Thank you. I am glad you found the article useful.

    Hon Hai (trade name Foxconn) is a contract manufacturer. It boasts several tier-1 electronics device vendors. It manufactures according to its customers’ detailed technical specification.

    MediaTek does not compete directly with Hon Hai. MediaTek sells home grown silicon solutions, supporting software and integration effort. It is possible that a device manufacturer would build a system around MediaTek’s solutions and then have Hon Hai manufacture it.

    While both are world class companies, the two are at different levels of embedded market food chain.

    Hope this helps.

    Nalini Kumar Muppala Sunday, February 21, 2010 at 1:44 PM PT

    Hi Nalini,
    Great articles and write up on Mediatek. What products or product do you think Mediatek needs to develop next given you analysis of their technology breath?

    Henrik Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 8:20 PM PT