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Blogosphere On Bootstrapping: Jeff Cornwall

Posted on Tuesday, Jan 26th 2010

I met Jeff at a conference last Spring and shared some interesting discussions. The post that he sent me is one that wholeheartedly conveys what I would often say myself to young people out there navigating this economic meltdown: Bootstrapping Lessons for College Graduates.

I tell my students and recent alumni that the age of entitlement is over.


The millennial generation seems to want to have what their baby boomer parents have spent a career accumulating, and they want it now! Follow the path that my young bootstrapping entrepreneurs follow. They are used to being poor college students, so they keep that lifestyle to help bootstrap their first venture. Their recognize that their personal overhead is really part of the business overhead. The lower their overhead is, the quicker they can reach break-even.

Read the piece. It has some excellent tips, including:

Even if a young person entering the workplace is not going to start a business, they need to look at themselves as a product that they are introducing to the market. What are the needs in the market? Which of those needs do they have the ability to address? How can they position themselves to take advantage of the opportunities that are out there?

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. Jeff Cornwall

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