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Blogosphere on Bootstrapping: Jonathan Gosier

Posted on Tuesday, Feb 2nd 2010

Jonathan Gosier writes from Uganda, and lists a cache of his cost-saving techniques in How To Save Money as an African Startup. One of his pieces of advice is ‘hire a cook’.

Most African cities have massive traffic problems. Even if you designate a ‘lunch hour’, most people will be late or they’ll spend a lot of time waiting around to reheat their lunches. Instead I’ve hired a cook at about 100 dollars a month. I spend about 300 [dollars] a month on food, but I’ve also factored that into everyone’s salaries so it’s not an unaccounted-for cost. From an accounting perspective, the staff has already paid for their lunch, I’m just providing it for them.

Among other things, he talks about power outages and transportation issues, much of which I had to deal with when I had India centers. Even now, some of my team members in India often complain about the severe power cuts in Delhi, or being stuck in traffic in Mumbai. Interesting cultural perspective.

This segment is a part in the series : Blogosphere on Bootstrapping

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