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Vision India 2020 Book Review: A Great Read For Pioneers And Innovators

Posted on Saturday, Mar 6th 2010

Here is Skannd‘s review of Vision India 2020 by Sramana Mitra for

“Even though they are fictional, most ideas projected by this book are really doable and it is clear that a lot of research has been put into the possibilities. Really liked the bit about the future of solar power in India and her ideas about it because I’m currently involved in something really similar. (it actually gave me the goosebumps as to how similar her idea was to what I’m trying to implement). A great-read for pioneers and innovators and people who want to venture into one of the largest markets in the world right now.”

You can find this review here.

Vision India 2020 is available from in paperback and Kindle, and from in all e-book formats.

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