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Vision India 2020 Book Review: Dr. Sridhar Mitta

Posted on Monday, Apr 5th 2010

Dr. Sridhar Mitta is the Managing Director and Founder of NextWealth Entrepreneurs Private Limited and the Managing Director of India.  He was the first employee at Wipro and during his tenure as Chief Technology Officer and President of Wipro’s Global R&D, it became the highest valued company in India.  Dr. Mitta is also a Trustee of TiE Global, the world’s largest organization fostering entrepreneurship.  Here is his review:

“Sramana Mitra wrote in her introductory chapter of Vision India 2020 that this book is her notebook of ideas on entrepreneurship in India. It is a futuristic retrospective that looks back on the building of a set of entrepreneurial ventures. She went on to state that the book will find directives – strategies, business models, references, comparables – that will guide those who are interested.

As a person whose career ran parallel to the Indian Information Technology (IT) industry for nearly forty years since the beginning, the ideas presented resonate well with me. These ideas were articulated in a simple yet powerful manner that can set a lot of triggers in your mind. The CEO’s and strategic thinkers of Indian companies will be doing a great favor to themselves by reading this book and picking up one idea close to their comfort. Then, they can arrange for some resources to develop a business plan based on the lines described in the book. I am sure that the results will astonish them.

Recently, I founded a company called NextWealth Entrepreneurs Private Limited to promote social uplift through entrepreneurship. We are creating 10,000 jobs for rural graduates who can work in close proximity to their homes. We will be setting up about fifty rural centers each employing about 200 graduates.

The chapter on Maya Ray: Rural BPO describes strategies and business models that are different from what today’s IT leaders like TCS, Wipro and Infosys are following. One can say that it is akin to a mainframe model where everything centralized. What Sramana proposes is akin to an Internet model of distributed centers. I am fascinated by the similarities of our model to what has been proposed in Vision India 2020.

I strongly recommend Vision India 2020 for the senior management of India Inc. and I am sure that it can open up many new avenues for building new businesses.”

Vision India 2020 by Sramana Mitra is available from in paperback and Kindle, from Flipkart in India, and from in all e-book formats.

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I would like to meet Dr. Sridhar Mitta. Could you provide me contact details please ?

somaiah Monday, July 12, 2010 at 2:14 AM PT