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Innovation – Need Of The Hour Now On Amazon

Posted on Thursday, May 20th 2010


It has been a grueling couple of years, but I am happy to announce that Innovation: Need Of The Hour, my fourth book in the Entrepreneur Journeys series, is now ready.

In this volume, I have dealt with the challenge innovators are facing today, and looked for solutions to alternative business models and frameworks to bring innovation to market. And as always, the book is full of inspiring case studies of how entrepreneurs have tackled challenges. The book has an entire section on university-led innovation, which I believe is an important piece of the equation. And of course, shoe-string innovation – bootstrapping – gets its fair share as well, as one of the most pragmatic ways to deal with funding challenges.

I look forward to your feedback and reviews, and to the discussions this book will generate. And thanks to all my readers who have made it possible for me to come this far. Five books in two years, when I planned this journey, seemed herculean. Your encouragement and reviews have kept me going.

For a writer, the readers are the most important part of the journey. You have been the most important part of mine.

Yours, Sramana

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