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World Cup Diary: Precision Wins

Posted on Saturday, Jul 3rd 2010

The game has changed. German speed and precision devastated Argentina. The latter team looked slow, haphazard, irritated, frustrated, and without direction, without strategy. Germany, on the other hand, is looking superb! With every game, they seem to improve, gain further confidence, and blossom.

Yesterday, the Netherlands did exactly the same thing to Brazil. With precision and masterful strategy, they knocked out Brazil.

The only remaining Latin American teams are Uruguay and Paraguay. The latter doesn’t have much of a chance against Spain, but we shall see.

Its economic troubles notwithstanding, Europe is looking good in this World Cup. In the future, Latin America will need to bring in European coaches to teach discipline and precision to their national teams. Maradona, despite his stature as one of the greatest footballers of all time, doesn’t know the first thing about discipline or precision. He is all passion and intuition. But while that can be enough to succeed as a player, it is not enough to be a successful coach.

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I don't think LatinAmerican teams need to copy european style. They have already been very successful with their own style. And there's is some emergent order in the caos. That's the way things work in LatinAmerica.

The problem with Brazil is that Dunga betrayed their style, taking all the creativity out of the team. They played without any joy. Just look at the face of the players.

And regarding Maradona, well, he has very little experience as a coach. He doesn't even have a recognizable style. I suppose it's a matter or maturity … well, if he were able to mature at all.

In any case, If everybody were the same, then the world cup would be very, very boring, don't you think?

Pablo Chacin Saturday, July 3, 2010 at 10:04 AM PT

True. But the point I am making is that the game is becoming more cerebral, less visceral. If the point is just to entertain, it's fine, but to win, the Latin Americans will need some cerebral coaches who can take some of the methods of European football and teach that to the Latin Americans.

I fully agree that Maradona should not be a coach. He is completely out of his depth, and his bombastic style may be fun and entertaining for the media to feast on, but I cannot imagine that it is terribly motivating for the players.

sramana Monday, July 5, 2010 at 3:51 PM PT