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Become The CEO Of Your Own Destiny: LiveOps CEO And Former eBay COO Maynard Webb, Santa Clara, California (Part 1)

Posted on Friday, Mar 18th 2011

Maynard Webb is the chairman and CEO of LiveOps, which delivers an on-demand contact center platform as well as call center outsourcing services. Prior to LiveOps he was the Chief Operating Officer of eBay where he directed engineering and technology operations, product development, customer support, trust and safety, global billing, human resources, and legal functions. Prior to eBay, he was a senior vice president and chief information officer for Gateway, Inc. He has also held management and leadership positions at Bay Networks, Quantum Corporation, Thomas-Conrad Corporation, and IBM. A respected member of the Silicon Valley technology community, Maynard sits on the boards of several successful companies, including and Admob. Maynard holds a bachelor of arts degree from Florida Atlantic University

Sramana: Maynard, let’s begin by visiting your personal story and background. Where do you come from?

Maynard Webb: I grew up in Florida and graduated in 1978. I was hired by IBM for an entry-level job and was shipped to Minnesota. I spent my first 11 years with IBM in a variety of middle management jobs. I then went to Ohio before going down to Texas to run a product for a networking company. From there, I was picked up as a CIO at Quantum Corporation and as the CIO at Bay Networks. I also worked as the CIO of Gateway before becoming the president of eBay Technology in 1999. I was appointed the COO of eBay in 2002, and I retired from eBay in 2006. A few months later I joined LiveOps, and I have been here since.

Sramana: What was it about LiveOps that compelled you to come out of retirement?

Maynard Webb: When I heard about the company, I knew they were onto something big. I realize the future of work is changing and evolving. I am a huge meritocracy fan as opposed to entitlement. I like the idea that people are able to work on their terms and realize how happy they are to do it. They have to perform to get a lot of work and I find that exciting. The idea behind LiveOps are pay for performance and meritocracy. People can have a life and a career, and I find that compelling. I also felt there was strong technology at LiveOps. I realized they were onto something big, so I decided to jump in with both feet.

Sramana: What is the hypothesis of LiveOps?

Maynard Webb: LiveOps intends to revolutionize the way the world works. As a technology company we have a very sophisticated technology platform which is essentially the contact center in the cloud. We handle’s routing of calls among all of their contact centers. On-premise equipment is no longer required to make all of that stuff happen. We free people up from those constraints. Our platform also supports a workforce in the cloud. We have more than 20,000 agents who are part of the LiveOps community. They do work for our customers as well.

We have two types of customers. We have customers who buy our contact center in the cloud platform, such as We also have companies that buy our services provided by the community on top of our platform, which is our workforce in the cloud.

This segment is part 1 in the series : Become The CEO Of Your Own Destiny: LiveOps CEO And Former eBay COO Maynard Webb, Santa Clara, California
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