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TrendSpotting: Love and Startups

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 25th 2012
There was a time in Silicon Valley when VCs did not like the idea of funding couples. Nonetheless, Cisco and 3Com – two legendary Valley startups – were founded by entrepreneur couples. These days, the startup world seems to nurture a lot more romance …

Here are some startup stories with couples at the helm:

Victoria Ransom & Alain Chuard (Wildfire)
Julia & Kevin Hartz (Eventbrite)
Amy Pressman & Borge Hald (Medallia)
Wendy Tan White & Joe White (Moonfruit)

Sometimes he is the CEO, sometimes she. Sometimes they switch roles. To have a baby. Or a few babies. Or not. In any case, the bias against entrepreneur couples needs to be over. Entrepreneurship is a passionate affair. A powerful aphrodisiac. Better acknowledge that phenomenon.
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