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Trend: Leveraging Platforms to Bootstrap

Posted on Monday, May 7th 2012
Of late, several major tech companies have developed significant platforms upon which entrepreneurs are bootstrapping successful, sustainable businesses. Of course, Microsoft continues to be one of the most successful players in that market. Here is the story of Brian Knight and Pragmatic Works, a $12M a year business that has been built in the SQL Server eco-system in Jacksonville, Florida. More recently, Apple, with the iPad/iPhone app eco-system, has injected serious throttle into the game. has also empowered many entrepreneurs with and the AppExchange. What is interesting about these two platforms is the added resource of a go-to-market strategy: App Store in the case of Apple and AppExchange in the case of The trend on platform strategies at large enterprises is going to continue to be not only offering the platforms but also offering viable go-to-market strategies.In our work with corporate partners, 1M/1M is attempting to inject incubation capabilities into this eco-system development effort as well. It’s a bit early for us, but the vision is to teach to thousands of entrepreneurs who want to build on top of an existing platform the mechanics of building businesses. Currently, these kinds of businesses do not have much access to the incubators because of their smaller TAM.Through the last couple of weeks, we have shared with you projects we’re doing with Microsoft, A&N Media, BlueSnap and eLance.

A&N Media is offering a series of 1M/1M scholarships to entrepreneurs in Britain to stimulate entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom. With a reach into 130 million consumers, A&N’s channel will offer a significant go-to-market opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to bring B-to-C products to market. Please note that while the scholarships are for UK entrepreneurs only, the channel opportunity is more broadly available to 1M/1M entrepreneurs. More here.

Also, BlueSnap and Elance are, together, offering 12 scholarships to entrepreneurs working on digital commerce and subscription businesses. The deadline for applications is May 11. More here.


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