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158th Roundtable Recap: January 24 – Meet The One Million Club

Posted on Thursday, Jan 24th 2013

Today’s roundtable started with us introducing the audience to The Million Dollar Club, the 1M/1M premium members who have crossed the $1M mark. We love to introduce you to more and more of them as role models, with the accompanying message that you can do it too.

Virtual Freedom
As for the pitches, first up, Keri Silk from Mequon, Wisconsin, pitched Virtual Freedom, a virtual assistant service. Keri has some clients in the health and wellness category – largely solo entrepreneurs and small business owners – for whom she does Facebook postings, blog writing, email responses, and other tasks.

I asked Keri if she was aware of the fact that there is a rather large virtual assistant industry out there, especially in places like the Philippines. We brainstormed about Keri’s positioning – is she a virtual assistant for social media marketing, or is she a writer’s assistant?

Nuku Vigor
Then, Kunche Kalyani from New Delhi, India, pitched Nuku Vigor, a very interesting idea of providing services for the senior and disabled citizens in India. This set of customers needs specialized care to go out to dinner, or to go out for a half-day outing. Currently, the market is under served.

I liked the concept a lot. We discussed Kalyani’s market segmentation options, and I advised her to dramatically cut down the range of segments, as well as the range of services.

Next, Pravin Daryani from Santiago, Chile, pitched ContentForest, another concept that I liked a great deal. It is an exchange for experts on various topics to connect with publishers who are willing to publish their writings in order to meet their own content production requirements.

As both a syndicated writer and the editor of a publication, I resonated with both sides of the table, and would love to see such a service become available.

Here We Are
Last up, Neil Licht from Marlborough, Massachusetts, pitched Here We Are, a consulting service to help small businesses market and sell. Unfortunately, Neil wasn’t able to articulate what he does quite that fast, and someone in the audience even asked him for an elevator pitch.

Nonetheless, once we cut through the forest, we did arrive at his offering, and I advised him to focus on some reasonable and constrained set of customers, rather than trying to boil the ocean.

Amazing, how many times a day I have to say those words!

You can listen to the recording of today’s roundtable here.

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