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164th Roundtable Recap: March 7 – The Diabetics Epidemic

Posted on Thursday, Mar 7th 2013

Today’s roundtable gave us a very interesting view into the diabetes epidemic raging all over the world.

Mocherla Healthcare
First up, Yeshwanth Nag from Chennai, India, pitched Mocherla Healthcare, an ayurvedic supplement for diabetes patients. Diabetes is almost like an epidemic in India, China, and many others countries. My take of this product is that if it works, it is a massive opportunity.

Next up, Eddie Godshalk from Silicon Valley in California, pitched Local-Insights, a multi-source predictive analysis product for housing markets and prices. Eddie has spent all his time on the B-to-C market that buys houses once every 5-10 years. My advice was to go after the Real Estate investor market that is making real estate decisions constantly.

Next, Chandra Jacobs from Boston, Massachusetts, pitched tripchi, an airport app through which travelers are offered special deals from airport merchants. Interesting idea, somewhat complex operational back-end, but if it can be worked out, the offering could be quite compelling.

You can listen to the recording of today’s roundtable here.

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