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World Cup Soccer 2014: Predictions

Posted on Thursday, Jun 12th 2014

I know I am playing a very dangerous game here, but let’s have some fun with the predictions, anyway …

Here are mine, see if you agree with them, and feel free to add yours!

For your convenience, here are the groups and the matches.

First Stage

In Group A, Brazil and Mexico should top, and in Group B, Spain and Netherlands should be the winners. This means, Brazil plays Netherlands, and Mexico plays Spain in the round of 16.

Group C is somewhat uninteresting with none of the big teams in it. Colombia should top with Japan, perhaps. Group D, on the other hand, is over-crowded with big teams – England, Italy and Uruguay. England should top, and I am predicting Uruguay in the second spot. ┬áIt’s a pity that one of these three teams will get eliminated right away. That puts Colombia against Uruguay in an all-South American match, and England should have an easy win against Japan in the pre-quarter round.

Group E has France, and although I am hearing that the French team isn’t very good, they will still probably top the group, with Ecuador in second place. Argentina should comfortably top Group F, with Nigeria in second place. That makes it France vs. Nigeria, and Argentina vs. Ecuador – again, an all South American match.

Group G, it seems, will see Germany and Portugal advance, and USA and Ghana get eliminated. Belgium should top Group H with Algeria in second place. So, Germany plays Algeria, and Belgium plays Portugal.

Round of 16

Brazil ousts Netherlands and Spain knocks out Mexico, most likely.

Uruguay wins against Colombia and England against Japan.

France tops Nigeria, Argentina, definitely, tops Ecuador.

And finally, Germany eliminates Algeria, and Belgium defeats Portugal.

So far so good?

Quarter Finals

Germany vs. France will comfortably resolve in favor of Germany.

England vs. Spain resolves in favor of Spain.

Brazil vs. Uruguay goes to Brazil.

Argentina vs. Belgium? Hmm. This is where I am going to make an unorthodox call: Belgium wins. They have an excellent team, and it would be fun to have an upset here. [I am rather biased too, because I am married to a Belgian.] Argentina, however, is one of the favorites for this world cup, and an eternal favorite team of mine since I was a young girl. Mexico world cup in 1986 and Maradona’s ‘hand of god’ goal remain indelible memories. So, on second thoughts, either way would please me, and the more likely outcome is Argentina wins. However, I would still like to see an upset.

Semi Finals

Brazil vs. Germany should see Brazil emerge as the winner. For the host country, it would be much, much too disappointing if Brazil doesn’t make it to the final.

But the other semi final is really tricky. Spain vs. Belgium? England vs. Argentina? Obviously, there are two more permutations possible, and I am going to, again, simply leave it at Belgium moving to the final against all odds. The more likely event is Argentina in the final.

A Wall Street Journal opinion piece, however, suggests that the world cup will go to an European team because of their more scientific method of training and playing.


Brazil wins the world cup at home this year. I would be delighted to see Belgium or Argentina win as well, and if the WSJ opinion is right, then perhaps it would be Spain or Belgium hoisting the trophy.

Agree? Disagree? Have at it …

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