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15 Private Unicorns I Am Tracking

Posted on Wednesday, Oct 22nd 2014

We’ve looked at a number of Unicorn companies in Billion Dollar Unicorns. We will look at more.

Today, however, I want to share with you a list of technology companies that I am tracking that have the potential of becoming billion dollar public companies, or getting acquired for over a billion dollars. In other words, we’re looking for companies that are likely to have billion dollar exits.

    1. Taboola: Adam Singolda has led Taboola to become a leader in the nascent content marketing space. Read: Crossing the Desert, Hitting the Jackpot. Phenomenal story.
    2. Xactly: Chris Cabrera has executed flawlessly in the sales compensation management SaaS space. Read: Building a Pre-IPO SaaS Company.
    3. Egnyte: Vineet Jain has a sophisticated view of the cloud file sharing and storage space. Read: Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing with Vineet Jain.
    4. Apptio: Sunny Gupta has led Apptio with a sure hand to build a whole new category for Technology Resource Management. Read: Building a Fat Startup.
    5. Cleversafe: Not only has Chris Gladwin built a sizable revenue business, he has also accumulated a patent portfolio of 186 patents focusing on the problem of handling massive storage. Read: Building a Massive Patent Portfolio.
    6. Veeam: 2014 bookings of $340 million demonstrates the success of Veeam’s virtualization backup business led by Ratmir Timashev. Read: Unicorn in the Making
    7. Adaptive Insights: Rob Hull is leading Adaptive Insights to a strong exit focusing on the forecasting and budgeting problem inside enterprises. Read:Scaling a SaaS Company.
    8. Eventbrite: Husband-wife team Kevin and Julia Hartz have shepherded event ticketing service Eventbrite well. Read my interview with Julia Hartz.
    9. MongoDB: Simply put, MongoDB is going after Oracle. Read: Entrepreneur Journeys
    10. eLance: Fabio Rosati is trying to roll-up the freelancer exchange category by recently acquiring rival oDesk. Read: Fabio discuss the future of Outsourcing.
    11. Pluralsight: Aaron Skonnard is trying to roll up the online programming education category by recently acquiring Train Signal. Read: Bootstrapping an Online Education Company.
    12. InMobi: Indian mobile ad-tech company InMobi has made a successful transition to a global business. Read: Building India’s First Billion Dollar Tech Company.
    13. Airpush: Asher Delug has bootstrapped a mobile ad network that Marissa Mayer should have acquired instead of Tumblr. Read: Thought Leaders in Mobile and Social.
    14. Medallia: Entrepreneur couple Borge Hald and Amy Pressman bootstrapped Medallia, a mobile customer opinion solution to $30 million before raising venture capital. Now, they have raised a lot. Read: Interview with Amy Pressman about their bootstrapping stage, followed by Thought Leaders in Mobile and Social: Borge Hald.
    15. DataStax: Jonathan Ellis and Matt Pfeil leveraged their knowledge of Cassandra to build a real-time Big Data platform. With ~$190 million in funding, the company is now considered a competitor to Oracle. Read:Interview with Jonathan and Matt on their early stage, and Thought Leaders in Big Data with Billy Bosworth.
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