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Thought Leaders in Internet of Things: Greenwave Systems CEO Martin Manniche (Part 1)

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 8th 2016

IoT is moving right along, here is a comprehensive discussion on some use cases and solutions from Greenwave Systems that are real and active.

Sramana Mitra: Let’s start by introducing our audience to yourself as well as to Greenwave.

Martin Manniche: I’m the Chairman and CEO of Greenwave Systems. We’re a managed services platform company. We are located and headquartered in Irvine, California. We see ourselves as a global company. We have an Asian headquarters in Singapore. We have the European headquarters in Denmark and Scandinavia. We have branch offices in Korea, San Jose, and India.

More and more people in the telco space or people who build managed services platforms or have a managed network are looking to have a  horizontal-built platform. This is a platform where everyone can participate and build services one top of the platform without understanding anything else and how they are interfacing with an API and be able to build a user experience on top of that.

We remove the complexity of connectivity. We make sure that the services platform can scale and scale to not just millions of devices, but billions of devices and potentially, trillion of devices. We make sure that we make a solution that can convert all the different confusing protocols in the industry that makes this market complex to act in. We remove that complexity via protocol translation. You can call it a Rosetta Stone where we are using a way to translate all these different languages to one language which is IP or TCP/IP, which is the foundation of the Internet.

We focus on, just to simplify, scalability, security, and simplicity. We make sure that it’s horizontally built so we do not define the use case and the business case, but let our partners decide what they want to participate in the services platform. You can consider it a little bit like what Apple did when they built the Apple App Store. That was an app store where everyone could participate and build apps. We are changing that strategy to managed services so the operator can make sure that the quality of that experience is perfect and that they can monetize, build, and also expand those services going forward.

Going in a little bit to the trends, I will say that the key point in the IoT market right now is it’s very fragmented. It’s a lot of different protocols and standards. What Greenwave offers is a bridge bringing the IoT market and the mobile market together. That is very important for our customers. We are not a business to consumer, but a business to business company.

What we are offering is a platform that allow those solutions. If you look at IoT today going into the connected living, living today is not just within the home. Today, you may spend 10 to 12 hours at home, but you will spend as much time outside the home. If you don’t have the opportunity of a platform that can work outside the home and also bring the industrial end-to-end IoT market, there’s a big part of the global growth in the market that we are not covering. There’s a lot of buzzwords, but I want to simplify the story.

This segment is part 1 in the series : Thought Leaders in Internet of Things: Greenwave Systems CEO Martin Manniche
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