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Bootstrapping: Weapon of Mass Reconstruction Now Available on Amazon

Posted on Monday, Apr 20th
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Entrepreneur Journeys Volume 2

“Sramana Mitra’s Bootstrapping: Weapon of Mass Reconstruction is a book for our time because it’s something real out of Silicon Valley.  No more stories about legendary VC fundings of startup-to-IPO in six months.  In this, the second volume of Entrepreneur Journeys, her focus is on doing more with less, in tune with the times.  This book has some fascinating histories of the different paths people take to entrepreneurship, and the difficulties they face.  I would only have wished each of the interviews to be longer and deeper, because every story is worth telling.”
-Fast Company

“Sramana’s work on bootstrapped entrepreneurs is an inspiration in these tough economic times. The solutions to our economic problems ultimately lie with the entrepreneur who brings imagination, resourcefulness and good old-fashioned elbow grease to tackle old problems in new ways, create new solutions and new industries. It is all too easy to forget this, particularly when we feed on the depressing daily diet of endless bailouts and hear trillions of dollars being thrown around.  A great entrepreneur can do a lot with ten thousand dollars. This book is a good
antidote to the depressing mood of these times.”

-Sridhar Vembu, CEO of AdventNet and Zoho
(Bootstrapped to over $50 million in annual revenue)

“In the end, a true entrepreneur will not be denied. What Sramana captures with simple grace are the riveting personal stories of modern day business alchemists, who mix vision, pragmatism and relentless effort to forge creative new and successful ventures. Her collection of interviews will make for an engaging, educational read, for those in the entrepreneurial space, those considering joining the game and those just plain curious about the formative innovators whose efforts provide outsize social returns of the most concrete and enduring nature.”
-Don Hutchison, Silicon Valley Angel Investor

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