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Entrepreneur Journeys Volume 1

Posted on Wednesday, Nov 10th

Begins with a simple idea: technology start-up success, and the knowledge required to achieve it, is out there to be leveraged by anyone who is willing to listen. Using her own intimate knowledge of the entrepreneurial world, serial entrepreneur and strategy consultant Sramana Mitra captures the stories of entrepreneurs that have come before to help demystify entrepreneurship for those who are looking to learn. Offering readers an insider’s view of how to navigate an entrepreneurial path, Mitra synthesizes candid conversations with her own incisive analysis, to create a unique set of case studies.

Truly a book that distinguishes itself, Entrepreneur Journeys is accessible through its storytelling narrative and at the same time academic in its depth of insight.

“Inspiration awaits readers in this volume of interviews with entrepreneurs.Entrepreneur Journeys will provide great insight into the questions and answers behind a start-up business.  It succeeds in sharing the enthusiasm and sense of adventure of these technological pioneers.”
-Kirkus Discoveries

“Entrepreneurship is not a career. It is a way of life.  And what better way to learn about it than to listen to people who have done it, successfully, and to learn about their lives in that fast lane?  In a carefully structured set of interviews, Sramana Mitra gives the readers an opportunity to discover their paths, their successes, their setbacks sometimes, and the joys of meeting the immense challenges that have been theirs in a dizzying world where technical competence and management skills have allowed them to leave a deep and lasting mark.”
-Professor Elisabeth Paté-Cornell
Chair, Department of Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University

“Enjoyed Entrepreneur Journeys and found it worthwhile. The stories are inspiring and could have a significant influence on a student of entrepreneurship or an aspiring entrepreneur. The book occupies a nearly empty niche between lightweight collections of anecdotes and ponderous but often irrelevant academic research. A great opportunity to come close to sitting with masters and learning directly.”
– Barrett Hazeltine,
Professor of Engineering Emeritus, Brown University

“Sramana Mitra has gifted us with the first hand stories of industry legends who have succeeded with a combination of fierce resolve, self-reliance, and a willingness to buck conventional wisdom.  The next generation of entrepreneurs has an invaluable reference guide on how their predecessors have succeeded.”

-Rick Rommel,
Senior Vice President Emerging Business, Best Buy

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