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Multi-Billion Dollar Venture Ideas for Indian Entrepreneurs

Posted on Sunday, Jul 20th 2008

For Indian entrepreneurs looking for scalable venture ideas, here is a list to work on. I have modeled one venture for each category, which you will be able to access from the Vision India 2020 series:

* Engineering education franchise in India [Vision India 2020: MIT India]
* Global fashion brand [Vision India 2020: Urja]
* Online education [Vision India 2020: Lucid]
* Tea lounges [Vision India 2020: Darjeeling]
* Heritage holidays [Vision India 2020: Renaissance]
* Water desalination [Vision India 2020: Gangotri]
* Rural BPO [Vision India 2020: Maya Ray]
* Animation studio [Vision India 2020: Elixar]
* Rural movie screens [Vision India 2020: Bioscope]
* Processed food [Vision India 2020: Thakur]
* Solar energy [Vision India 2020: AdiShakti]

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You’re lacking a solution for overcrowded roads, that are destined to become worse with less than adequate spending on infrastructure, high density population centers, and increasing economic power of middle class.

You’ve railed against the Tata, that by it’s low price will may it that much easier for more families to buy cars and further crowd the roads.

NOW THE SOLUTION. Zipcar-like franchise in India. Basically fractional-ownership of vehicles, or rental car subscription service.

You will have fewer vehicles owned by any given population, fewer vehicles garaged or parked on the streets, and fewer vehicles on the roads.

Yet, there will be many more people with access to vehicles for the occasional run to the grocery or furniture store, or for a periodic Sunday drive out of the city, etc.

Insurance, depreciation, maintenance, storage and all costs associated with owning motor vehicles are all reduced as these costs are divided among a large number of users.

In urban centers, the users of the service will have a variety of vehicles from which to choose. Utilitarian vehicles for shopping and fancier vehicles for the ride out to visit family.

In rural areas, entire villages can share a vehicle or two, opening up the motor vehicle market in any area where the population density hasn’t overwhelmed the infrastructure.

Creating some of the motor vehicle tax structures that you have recommended would make fractional ownership an compelling alternative to the all or nothing vehicle ownership that exists now.

I’ve mentioned some kind of a zip car rental/ fractional ownership business here previously as a solution to overcrowded roads.

Here I mention it as a great business for an Indian entrepreneur to bring to the major Indian centers.

I’ve never heard back any feedback from you or any of your readers about this concept. It works great in New York City and many other crowded North American cities. This business makes it easier for families or individuals to give up the desire to own a motor vehicle. They have none of the expense or fuss of owning and maintaining a motor vehicle, yet have easy access to an entire fleet of vehicles at their disposal. The cars are parked in convenient spots throughout the city and can be reserved online far in advance for a special trip or at a moment’s notice for the spontaneous trip to the grocery or other shopping trip.

Again, big money maker for the entrepreneur, and huge cost savings vs sole ownership of a vehicle, plus none of the headaches of ownership for the users of the service.

Plus, it is more environmentally friendly to have fewer cars used by more people besides being more economical. Sp besides making a lifestyle addition more affordable and accessible to many more, it is green and reduces the environmental impact of motor vehicles.

Getting more use out of the vehicles is not only good for the environment today, but as the fleet gets replaced, it will be good for the environment in the future. The most current technologies in fuel efficiency and safety will be able to get incorporated more quickly.

Families will not have to stretch their budget to either own an old clunker or a new substandard vehicle either in terms of quality, safety or efficiency. The pool cars can be better vehicles for much lower cost.

Someone please make money with this. You’ll help yourself and the world.

Realtosh Monday, July 21, 2008 at 9:57 AM PT

I haven’t finished this series. There are another 30 some essays coming …

Sramana Mitra Monday, July 21, 2008 at 10:16 AM PT

Do you have an essay coming that will deal with fractional motor vehicle ownership?

I guess you probably do now.

Realtosh Monday, July 21, 2008 at 1:41 PM PT

I can’t say that for a fact. Each essay has research behind it. I haven’t researched this opportunity to say whether it is a scalable venture.

But there will be essays on transportation.

Sramana Mitra Monday, July 21, 2008 at 2:31 PM PT