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Posted on Wednesday, Nov 10th

A call to Indian entrepreneurs everywhere, Vision India 2020 challenges and inspires readers to build the future now. In this “futuristic retrospective,” author Sramana Mitra shows how over the next decade, start-up companies in India could be turned into billion-dollar enterprises. Vision India 2020, which encompasses a wide range of sectors from technology to infrastructure, healthcare to education, environmental issues to entertainment, illustrates how even the most sizeable problems can be solved by exercising bold, ambitious measures. Sramana Mitra conceived Vision India 2020 from her years of experience as a Silicon Valley strategy consultant and entrepreneur. Well aware of the challenges facing today’s aspiring entrepreneurs, Mitra provides strategies, business models, references, and comparablesas a guide to help entrepreneurs manifest their own world-changing ideas.

“Vision India 2020 is a visionary romp through a possible new future for India. It looks back over a decade-long transformation of the country from its current status as ‘back office for the world’ to that of world leader through the application of  the principles of visionary entrepreneurship.”
– ForeWord Clarion Reviews

“Vision India 2020 is a timely addition to the series of recent overtures on how India is emerging as an economic superpower amidst its myriad challenges. Sramana pontificates like a visionary entrepreneur with her bold, sincere and pragmatic diagnostics, and then, comes up with her skillful problem solving techniques. As most parts of the world economy remain eclipsed by the ominous clouds of recession, this book  throws up positive insights for truly bold entrepreneurs.
– Arjun Malhotra,
Chairman and CEO of Headstrong,
Chairman of TiE Global, co-founder of HCL Technologies:

“As a person whose career ran parallel to the Indian information technology industry for nearly forty years since the beginning, the ideas presented resonate well with me. These ideas were articulated in a simple yet powerful manner that can set a lot of triggers in your mind.  I strongly recommend Vision India 2020 for the senior management of India Inc. and I am sure that it can open up many new avenues for building new businesses.”
-Dr. Sridhar Mitta,
Managing Director & Founder, NextWealth Entrepreneurs,
Managing Director of e4e India, Trustee of TiE Global

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